The Intensives

The intensives are designed with the holistic development needs of all young leaders in mind. Although referred to as training intensives we cater for more than just the formal training aspect. During each intensive, trainees have regular opportunity to grow in their walk with God, develop interpersonal skills with peers and staff as well as participate in sports/exercise. A good work ethic is nurtured through doing odd jobs and general housekeeping during their stay at the training centre.

Practical Block

During the Practical block the Youth Worker will be based at their home church and community. Most serve as interns in the youth or children’s ministry for the duration of the year. A list of outcomes, related to the training received at each intensive, needs to be worked towards during each practical block. The desire is that both the church AND the community is impacted. Each trainee is encouraged to discuss these outcomes with their pastor on return to tailor it to their specific ministry.