How the training works:


Our training is divided into three training intensives that are spread out throughout the year. These intensives make up a total of 11 training weeks during the year. Currently, these training intensives take place at the J-Life training centre in Mpumalanga (approximately 90 km’s south east of JHB).

Between each training intensive, trainees return to work in their local churches, and are required to fulfill certain outcomes during these practical blocks.

Each training intensive deals with three areas throughout the intensive: Character, Content and Competency.



Character: During each intensive we have various training modules and practical experiences that help trainees better understand themselves and how God has uniquely designed them for impact in His Kingdom. These modules look at aspects such as: Personality Style, Calling, Spiritual Gifts, Talents, Abilities etc.

Content: These modules focus on giving trainees a deeper understanding of how Jesus lived and ministered. We also look at how we can apply how Jesus did disciplemaking in our 21st century context.

Competency: This focuses on giving trainees the practical skills they need to implement a disciplemaking ministry. For example, trainees receive schools ministry training. They are then given the opportunity to grow these skills by running life skills classes in a nearby school.

Each intensive builds on the previous one. On completion of each intensive, youth workers are given certain outcomes to fulfill during each practical period. These outcomes are linked to the training they have received.

Some of what interns will be trained in includes:

·         Jesus’ strategy for Making Disciples

·         Foundations for a Healthy ministry

·         Leadership Development

·         Kids Ministry

·         Schools Ministry

·         Organising and running camps

·         Running small groups

·         Short Term Mission Trip